Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Known Fact

First let me say, TUCKER- that last post is WAY out of line!  Cmon, man... this is the internet, things that get posted here are broadcasted to the whole NATION.  And that last post was entirely inappropriate, I mean, you just gave away our creative-secrets...  plus, weren't we originally talking about making a movie called, "There's a Mummy in My Basement!"?  But none of us had a basement to shoot in, so we changed it up... that's how I remember it.  Then again, that was a long, hard summer of chlorine gas-exposure, so what do I know?

I remember when we decided to make the feature.  We were on a plane going to Park City UT at 5am, sipping on some $10 bloody marys, and we decided right then and there.  You see, we had always wanted to turn the short (TAWIMA) into a feature, but there was one slight problem: the technology just wasn't there.  We had been thinking about the feature for a while, but what we wanted to do was SO CRAZY that the current technology couldn't handle our ideas.  And it wasn't until just last year that the software became available for us to shoot our epic-werewolf indie-flick.  Little-known fact: that attic the werewolf is in, completely digitally made in After Effects.

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