Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How a creative team works together.

Hello loyal readers. Tucker here giving you a little bit of insight into how we make movies. We like to think of ourselves as "old school" in our approach to filmmaking. Now with that I don't mean using a crank operated film camera, I'm talking about good old fashioned storytelling.

The inspiration for the movie came to me one day while I was working with Sam, we were pool boys several years ago, and I recall standing there with him and I said, "Hey, we should make a movie in your creepy looking attic". The discussion started from there and soon what was birthed from our brains was "There's a Werewolf in My Attic!"

I like to think about stories in terms of giving birth. I think it's a very good analogy. It's like I am the woman, a fertile young lady ready to be filled with loads of ideas. Sam is much like the man, constantly pounding me, over and over, with his long, hard imagination. He spurts ideas all over me and eventually one of them makes it's way to my womb-like brain, where it gestates and becomes the story for which we then turn into a movie.

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