Friday, July 24, 2009

Check out the Awesome Review that Colin Covert gave in the Star Tribune!

If there is a sharper satire of Uptown hipsters than "Living Arrangements" (***, if you cut it some slack for its budget) tell me quick. Sam Thompson's deadpan horror farce is as delicious as a sip of free-trade organic coffee, as ironic as a vintage T-shirt, and as zippy as a Prius. Joe Noreen and Alexandra Glad star as Sasha and Billie, whose gender-neutral names symbolize their excruciatingly progressive lifestyle.
Their connubial bliss is interrupted by mysterious noises from the attic: Something hairy, howling and hungry lives up there. Peacefully coexisting with the beast while maintaining their principles and safeguarding their karma becomes a matter of pitch-black (and blood-red) comedy. Milwaukee auteur Mark Borchardt ("American Movie") blesses the film with a cameo, and Paul Cram is a passive-aggressive treasure as a PETA type.
The film is all the cooler when you know that the leads met while working a serving job at Ecopolitan, a vegan-raw restaurant in Uptown. It's a deft lampoon of werewolf movies, indie relationship flicks, and those special, sensitive people whose friends are all unique in the exact same ways. (10:30 p.m., Saturday, Sapor Cafe and Bar, 428 Washington Av. N., Mpls. $10 admission includes popcorn and a free drink. Only 80 tickets are available; move fast!)

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